Breakthrough Golf

Play Like You Practice

Better Practice = Lower Scores

No Matter How Good You Are, You Can Always Be Better!

Breakthrough Golf

I’ve been a golf coach since 2004 and I’ve seen the players that take the next step in their games and the others that are stuck in the same place. 

One of the questions I heard all the time, especially from my young players, is “What should I do when I practice? I’m not sure what to do.”

This is what this website is for: to give you better ways to use your practice time that will actually lead to lower scores.

I’m focused on helping you play better golf without touching your swing. You’ll find games, challenges and other tools that have helped me and my students lower their handicap. This isn’t golf instruction but you will improve.

Let me ask you some questions:

  • Are you hitting it great on the range but can’t seem to take it to the course?
  • Are you trying to get your handicap into single digits? Break 90 more often?
  • Do you feel you’ve tried everything to improve?
  • Are you wondering how to make your practice sessions more effective?
  • Are your fun rounds much better than your tournament rounds?
  • Have you tried every training aid out there (including the striker3000) and still haven’t made any progress?
  • Are you simply hoping to finally breakthrough and shoot lower scores?

If you answered YES to any of these questions than you’re in the right place. Golf requires some patience and time to make improvements but I guarantee if you follow along and implement some of these ideas you will get better. 

You CAN breakthrough and shoot lower scores. If you only have 2 hours each week to practice then make those 2 hours as productive as possible. Let’s stop the madness of hitting 200 shots in 30 minutes or trying to make 100 two-footers in a row without any plan or focus.

Try these drills and games for 2 months and you’ll start to see some improvements on the course. You can do this!

I’ll be updating the blog weekly and if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything then subscribe below. 

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