Putting Speed Drill – 5 Feet to 40 Feet Coin Drill

Junior Golfer doing the coin drill in practice

This is the one putting drill that I make sure I complete every time I have a putting practice session of 30-45 minutes.  When I first started it took me about an hour to complete but now I typically complete the drill in 15-25 minutes.  I learned this from Scott Fawcett (playinglesson.com) but I’ve adapted it slightly for my own use.


Target: 4 ball markers placed in a line 8 inches apart

Putting Coins: You’ll place 4 more coins 5 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet from the first target coin.

It should look like this:

How to Play:

Stage 1 (5-10 feet)

Start at 5 feet and you goal is to get the ball to rest between the 1st and 3rd coin. If successful, move back 6 inches. If successful again, move back another 6 inches. If you miss the target zone you must start again at the beginning. Once you make 10 in a row (your last putt should be right around the 10 foot coin) you have completed the first section.

Stage 2 (10-20 feet)

Start at 10 feet and repeat the process from stage 1 but this time you’ll move back 1 foot at a time if successful instead of 6 inches. You are still trying to rest the ball between the 1st and 3rd coins.

Stage 3 (20-30 feet)

Start at 20 feet and repeat the process from stage 2 moving back 1 foot at a time. This time you are using the 1st and 4th coins as your target area.

Stage 4 (30-40 feet)

Start at 30 feet and repeat as you did in stage 3. Once completed your 10 in a row keep going (while moving back 1 foot each time) until you miss. Then you’re done!


  • Once each stage is completed it’s closed out. You only restart when you miss on the stage you are on, you don’t have to go back to the very beginning.
  • On the 1st Stage I’m using the first coin as my visual target and trying to make sure each putt gets past that coin but stops before the 3rd coin
  • On the other stages I target the 2nd coin and I’m trying to get ball to rest as close to that coin as I can.
  • You can make this harder and make your targets 6 inches apart but I’d only do that if you were absolutely dominating with 8 inches between the targets.
  • If this starts to get pretty easy, you can try with your eyes closed and guess if you are in the zone, short, or long. Only the ones that you’ve called IN and finish IN count as successful.
  • Another adaption I make is once I’ve hit my 10th putt at each stage I keep moving back at the intervals suggested until I miss. I try and see how many in a row I can make. When I miss the last putt I move on to the next stage.

This is easily the best speed control drill I’ve ever come across, which is why I continue to do this 3-4x/week. I always try to make time to do this drill when I’m playing a tournament. I’ll do this when I first arrive and then go and hit balls, chip and pitch. I’ll then come back and putt before I tee off, often just with one ball and putting out to different holes.

If you do this drill consistently I guarantee your putting speeds will improve and you’ll not only 3-putt much less, I think you’ll end up making more mid-range putts  as well.

Practice well,


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